There are two things that rank very highly on our list of loves: Los Angeles, and hamburgers. Fortunately for us, and ostensibly you all, they both appear to have been born of the same heavenly Mother. L.A.’s burger scene is rich not only with heritage, but a virtually endless list of charming neighborhood haunts that produce fine takes on America’s favorite meal. Between the upscale hotspots boasting unnecessarily frilly combinations of completely counter-intuitive ingredients, the skeezy diners credited with faming this perfect food, and the array of the delightful renditions that fall amongst them, one should never have to travel far in this fine city for an amazing burger. For the decorated burger nerd, this is Utopia, but for the slightly less dedicated, exploring the possibilities in such a major metropolis can be daunting. For this reason, we are humbly at your service.

Hood Burger is a hub for conversation about our favorite burgers in Los Angeles, specific to the hoods in which they can be found. Need a casual dinner plan in an unfamiliar part of town? We got you. Now let’s eat.

We’d love to hear from you. Any questions, comments, or suggested burger spots, please email us:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @hoodburger

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