Muddy Leek

Muddy Leek's slider

Muddy Leek’s slider

This is a story of moderation. Let’s be clear. Moderation in burgers is usually a very bad thing. Our waistlines might demand a turkey burger with no mayo, but by God, our hearts want the biggest, baddest, cheesiest behemoth that money can buy. Preferably with bacon. Right? Right. Which is why, when sliders are on the menu, I usually pass. Two or three dinky little burgers? No way, man. I want something I can barely hold in my hands that threatens to slip away from my greasy fingers with every bite.  But there are exceptions. One of these exceptions resides at Muddy Leek.

On the part of Washington Blvd in Culver City which is festooned with galleries and artsy coffee shops, you know, the hip part, is a very nondescript sign that reads Muddy Leek. Do not be fooled by its appearance. This place is CLASSY.  Their turkey club sandwich has fried shallots and apple butter on it. Their shrimp and grits has black kale in it. Every meal is served with fresh bread and sea salted butter. Their mustard is seedy and French. So when I found out they had sliders, naturally I had to investigate.

It's all in the sea salt.

It’s all in the sea salt.

Now on paper, the deal sounds terrible.  For fourteen dollars, you get two sliders.  That’s right, just two. Preposterous, right? Highway robbery! Who cares if they’re made of wagyu beef on homemade brioche buns with wasabi aioli and green onions? That is insane. And it would be too if it weren’t for just one tiny little detail. The soup. With your order of sliders you get a bowl of freshly made, piping hot, extremely delicious soup and a side of their freshly made bread. I chose the lentil with fried leeks on top. It was insanely tasty.  I could almost feel my mother giggling from far away. A burger place that made me eat my vegetables first and enjoy it? This was definitely a first.

By the time the sliders arrived with only four (!) sweet potato fries, I was pretty full. The spicy aioli was salty and greasy and everything those darling little patties needed to embellish their meaty flavor. The brioche added some sweetness and the greens gave it a little crunch. Would I have preferred that they had cheese? Of course. Would I rather they had bacon? You betcha. Do I feel like a responsible adult for eating moderately by accident? Sigh, yes, yes I do.

Lentil soup with fried leeks

Lentil soup with fried leeks

The kicker was a dark chocolate truffle in a champagne glass with the bill. You don’t get classier or more moderate than that. Would I preferred a box of truffles to gorge myself on? Naturally, but Muddy Leek is there to keep your wild urges in check. They’re very clever that way.  So if you want an indulgent lunch, but don’t want to regret it later, I highly recommend these sliders. They give you just enough, so you feel satisfied, but no more than that. They are the kings of balance.

Deceptively dinky.

Deceptively dinky




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