The Rosewood Tavern

The Rosewood Burger

The Rosewood Burger

I’m pretty sure this situation happens quite a lot. You find someone who makes the perfect latte or martini or cuts your hair exactly the way you like it, and then one day you walk in to that establishment and they’re gone. Poof! No warning. Just gone. And because you never expressed your admiration for their work, you have no earthly idea where they disappeared to, but you would move heaven and earth just to find them again. You ask your friends if they’ve seen them. You start scouring local similar businesses in hopes that they were hired somewhere near. And if by some lucky chance you find them again, the overwhelming flood of joy reaches down into your finger tips. That rush is what my friend was looking for.

So we sallied forth to see if her bartender was at the Rosewood Tavern. It turns out he wasn’t working that day, but he does work there! Hooray for minor victories. Rosewood Tavern is just down the street from two burger giants Animal and Golden State, so it had never appeared on my radar, but on entering the place, I realized that it should have. With incredibly high wooden ceilings and exposed iron beams, the tavern had the feeling of a Wild West saloon. It was dark and cool on a hot summer’s day and by the liquor menu it was clear that they took their drinking very seriously.  All of the whiskeys were divided up by region and the beer list went on for days.


Their pub menu was equally well thought out. It was typical pub food with gourmet twists.  They had everything from candied bacon to tandoori spiced chicken wings to spicy fried green tomatoes with burrata. Their burgers were no different. The Rosewood Tavern burger had house made Thousand Island dressing with a great kick to it, melted cheddar cheese, onions, lettuce, and tomato on a pretzel bun. It was a very beautiful burger to look at and tasted pretty much the way you would expect it to. The flavors were balanced and the quality of ingredients was good, but it wasn’t anything to write home about.

Their second burger the Seoul Man Burger, was not a glamorous thing to behold.  The bun flopped sadly on the plate and everything seemed to droop. However, one bite and you instantly knew that this ugly duckling was actually a swan. Layered with bulgogi, spicy aioli, and daikon and Napa cabbage kimchi slaw this burger was the perfect fusion of Korean bbq and a hamburger. The crunch tartness of the kimchi was perfectly balanced against the sweetness of the bulgogi, but the flavors didn’t overwhelm the gorgeous flavors of the beef patty. It was absolutely unforgettable. So if you’re on Fairfax and you want to do some hard drinking, but are in the mood for a spicy burger, the Seoul Man has your back.

The Seoul Man Burger

The Seoul Man Burger


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