The Oinkster’s Burger Week!!

It seems only fitting that the first post on what is to become a Los Angeles burger scene resource be about The Oinkster, an inexhaustibly delicious burger purveyor located in my hood, Eagle Rock. This place played no small role in my desire to not only start this website, but to deeply explore the variety of burgers available in the greater Los Angeles area. They have other fantastic food too (house cured pastrami, rotisserie chicken, Carolina style pulled pork BBQ, etc.), but their classic burger (which we will discuss in detail in a later post) has been a staple of my diet literally since the day I began calling California home. Pretty much everything The Oinkster does they do well, particularly their interpretations of other famous burgers in a week-long annual event known, perhaps predictably, as “Burger Week.” Starting today, they will feature a cleverly named burger not normally on the menu, with inspiration drawn from generally obvious sources (looking at you Big Max) every day all week. Dining on familiar recipes but with off-the-chart quality ingredients can best be described by one word: AWESOME. See the flyer for this week’s menu.

Hood Burger will be at The Oinkster all week, reviewing each one of these tasty delights individually, so check the blog for a barrage of near future posts. Also, come say hi. I’ll be the tall guy washed with the sublime joy similar to that of a child who just got everything they could have possibly dreamed of for Christmas. If you want to contact Oinkster, I recommend facebook, they appear to be very responsive. Are you hungry? I’m hungry. Let’s eat.


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